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  Pleating Machine  


Tuna Plise, Plise makinesi, Pleat machine, pilise, pileOur company, TUNA PLİSE® was founded by Osman KAHYA in Izmir in 1982 and moved to Istanbul in 2002. The company serves in textile sector as of date of its establishment.

In addition, the company realizes manufacturing of pleating machine. It was the first and single company attending to international textile machines fair arranged in Turkey in 1994 with its pleating machine.

As for today, the company manufactures TP160-X Computer Controlled Automatic Pleating Machine being servomotor controlled, having touch operator panel, memorizing model dimensions performed and being 100% domestic production.

By taking advantage of serving to textile sector for long years, our company developed TP160-X model accordingly.

All of our machines manufactures in above stated manner are user friendly.


  • All types of pleat called as Flat Pleat, Reverse Pleat and Jacquard Pleat and their variations may be applied on same machine. Therefore, there is no need to purchase different machines. 
  • It is possible to apply overall these pleating types on same model. To illustrate, jacquard pleat may be applied while making flat pleat and flat pleat may be continued afterwards. 
  • 10 different dimensioning is possible on a model.
  • As for depth measure, it is possible to perform pleating between 3mm. and 33 mm.
  • You can apply pleating in unlimited distance having a maximum measure of 2 mm.
  • Different pleat types may be obtained thanks to specially designed knives (optional).
  • You can leave spaces according to your demand while pleating, any restriction does not exist.
  • You can iron the product freely (without any pleat and even if, knives are open).
  • As all movements are provided by means of servomotors, excessive adjustments are not required in mechanical sense.
  • You can perform required dimensioning to create a model on a digital environment, in other words specially-programmed touch operator panel.
  • It is possible to store any model you completed. You can call this model stored after a time period.
  • Heaters of main cylinder may be time adjusted (optional). By this way, your machine shall be ready for operation whenever you want. 
  • Operating width of our machine is 160 cm. However, operating width may be larger or smaller in accordance with requirements.
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Working Width 1600 mm
Folding Depth 33 mm
Folding Width 2 mm to limitless distance
Folding Speed 15-150 folding (per minute)
Electric Lead-in 380 Volt (giriş)
Electric Consumption 7 KW
Heaters 2 * 220 Watt
Head Motor 1,5 Hp AC Motor
Pleat Motion System 3  SEWEURODRIVE Servo Motors
Operator Panel Touchscreen
Paper Spreading Motor 1 piece 1400/100 spin/min.
Machine Dimensions L:3500 mm  W:1650mm  H:1850 mm.
Gross Weight 1300 Kg.
in order to to enhance product quality, TUNA PLİSE reserves the right to make changes to the technical specifications, without prior notice to the customer/purchaser.
TP 160-X Plise Makinesi
TP 160-X front view
TP 160-X Plise Makinesi
TP 160-X back view
Deri plise - 01 Deri plise - 05
Düz plise - 01 Döşemelik kumaş - 11 Plikaşe - 07 Plikaşe - 09
Plikaşe - 11 Döşemelik kumaş - 03 Döşemelik kumaş - 10 Döşemelik kumaş - 04 Deri plise - 18 Jakar - 08
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Tel : +90 216 481 18 58
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Gsm TCELL : +90 533 570 78 87
E-Mail : info@tunaplise.com
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